2 Day Old Puppy’s Mom Gets Hit By A Car, Introduce Him To Mama Cat!

2-Day-Old Puppy’s Mom Gets Hit By A Car, Then Rescuers Introduce Him To A Nursing Mama Cat.

For some reason, people find it is necessary to pit “dog people” against “cat people,” but can’t we all love them both?

Recently when a two day old puppy, whose mother was killed in a car accident, was brought to the Michigan Humane Society, they decided to try something to nurture the tiny pup!

They had a mama cat who recently had kittens and decided to introduce the pup to her.

Most of us have the notion that dogs and cats don’t get along.

But once you see this video, you will understand how far from the truth it is!

The mama cat treats the pup as her own and even the kittens accept him as their sibling! Watch and share.

Dogs and cats are said to not always get along, but that is often not even close to being true.

Dogs and cats can love each other!

It’s safe to say, from the photos and video, that this little puppy was more than just accepted by the mama.

She took this tiny puppy in as her own little boy and her kittens accepted him as their sibling!

You can see just how attached this puppy is to his new mama in the video above!

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