Cats Wearing Tights Is The Greatest (Or Worst) Thing To Ever Happen

Cat Wearing Tights

Every so often, something comes along that stirs a unique blend of amusement and unease, a feeling no single word is really capable of describing. “This is one of those things”.

The internet loves watching cat videos and looking at cat pictures, but just when you thought there was nowhere left for our feline friends to go, one Swedish woman started dressing up her cat in tights, and the results were internet-breathtakingly hilarious.

Katja Wulff shared her puss-in-tights pictures on her blog Meowtfit of the Day and in the process launched a whole new – and slightly weird – trend that inspired other cat owners to play dress-up too.

Cats Wearing Tights.

 In an instant, with the addition of some elastic leggings and maybe some shoes, once familiar-looking felines are transformed into something else entirely. Like something out of a cartoon wonderland. Or a nightmare.
 Interestingly, the longer one gazes upon cats wearing tights, the less it makes sense. Any attempt to break it down to its most basic elements (cats, tights) somehow only adds to the confusion.
 It’s like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma, which has then been stuffed into a pair of tights.

Cats wearing tights are a conflict of movement. They are on the one hand perfectly at rest, yet at the same time wild and frenetic — a Van Gogh painting of sorts, if he painted cats wearing tights.

Sometimes they are cozy, too. Cozier than a cat not wearing tights.



Neither? Both?

You be the judge.

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Watch Hilarious Video Of Kitten Getting Ready To Put On Some Tights.

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