Couple Reports Strange Noise Coming From Behind Walls

Seiminole Sheriff Rescues Kitten

Couple Reports Strange Noise Coming From Behind Walls, Then Cop Cuts A Hole And Finds 2 Kittens.

Many animal activists like to stress the importance of spaying or neutering your pets as a preventative measure. One never knows what can happen, and you wouldn’t want your pet or your pet’s babies to be lost or to end up as strays. These strays have a hard time surviving and will take shelter anywhere.

One couple realized that it was one of these strays that had taken up shelter in their home when they heard strange noises coming from behind their home’s walls. They called the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

Deputy Sheriff Nick Stewart arrived at the home and cut a hole in one of the walls. He reached in and, one by one, pulled out two tiny kittens!

After assessing the situation and circumstances, the deputy and the couple came to the conclusion that the kittens’ mother must have taken refuge in the attic and gave birth there. The kittens must have fallen between the studs and drywall and then got stuck there.

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After all, the couple doesn’t even own a cat!

The two little ones are now in safe and capable hands, and the couple is grateful for Deputy Sheriff Stewart’s help.


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