The Dreadful Story Behind Pompom Accessories.

Cute baby foxes cubs

You may be wondering why companies are so keen to continue slaughtering animals. The answer might be right in front of you.

There’s a large number of us that are against animal testing and animal cruelty, but do you ever stop and think exactly what these companies are selling us: What exactly we are wearing in our bare skin?

If you think animal cruelty is only in laboratories or animal killing shelters and stops there, think again!

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Take, for example, those fuzzy winter pompom accessories on handbags, shoes, and hats that people go crazy for. Those soft, furry puffballs you love to feel on your face are actually a dead animal’s skinned fur.

They are not only killing foxes, but other animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and kangaroos.

Warning some images or videos may be disturbing to some viewers:

Dreadful Minks and Foxes Gassed en Masse Killing 

No clothing or item is worth the, oftentimes, dreadful death that these poor animals suffer.

These living and breathing animals are not only beaten to death, but skinned alive when that fails! No clothing or any kind of product is worth this awful death!

The top brands you see daily, on commercials and in advertisements, lure us to believe this is necessary and we contribute to harming innocent animals by paying them top dollar to kill, every day!

Unfortunately, no federal humane slaughter law protects animals on fur factory farms, in testing plants, being experimented on and being harvested using gruesome killing methods.

The only way to STOP this, is as a consumer, refusing to buy any products made with fur, including fur trim.

Consumers should constantly look for alternatives to animal skins. Nowadays, there simply isn’t a NEED to kill animals for fashion. -Cutesy Stuff

The event focused on sustainability in luxury brands, so Stella decided to talk about how unsustainable and unnecessary animal skins are as well as how cruel obtaining them is.

The designer is famous for her compassionate choices, having rejected the use of leather, fur, and exotic skins in her collections.

She urged brands to choose environmentally friendly vegan materials instead: “You really can’t tell the difference“, she said. “There’s no reason to kill 15 million innocent creatures“.

The crocodiles, snakes, and alligators who are killed for “luxury” handbags are usually raised on squalid farms and crammed together by the thousands.

They are killed in the most gruesome ways and can be mutilated and skinned alive before being left to die in agony.

“Fashion is one of the most harmful industries on the planet”, she said, “and I think people are a little more aware of that now“.-Stella

Lose Your Mind Over Pompoms, but Don’t Let Animals Lose Their Skin!

Baby white fox
Please don’t kill me.

So yeah, having a carcass hanging off your purse, gloves, or hat is gross and cruel. There are plenty of vegan fur pompoms out there that you can use to express your style without supporting an industry that kills animals.

Hey, of course we all want to look fly—and it seems like this winter, pompom accessories on handbags, shoes, and hats are the way to do that. But unless these furry fad items are made with vegan fur, animals were beaten, electrocuted, or even skinned alive to make them.

Many of these fuzzballs are made from the skins of animals, including minks and foxes, two of the species most commonly killed in the fur industry.

Minks are solitary, semi-aquatic animals who can occupy up to 2,500 acres of wetland habitat. Foxes live in stable, loving family groups in which the father brings the nursing mother food.

Newborn fox pups are unable to see, hear, or walk, so they’re totally dependent on their mother and will die if she’s killed.

Baby Foxes.

In addition, foxes, much like dogs, love to play. Just look how delighted this one is about a ball. How on Earth could someone wear these wonderful animals?!

On fur factory farms—which is where nearly 85 percent of the industry’s skins come from—minks, foxes, chinchillas, and other animals are crammed into filthy wire cages, where they’re separated from their families and denied everything that’s natural and important to them.

Severe crowding and confinement prevent them from taking more than a few steps in any direction, and they often go insane, resorting to self-mutilation and cannibalism—all just so that humans can make a fur coat, collar, or (you guessed it) pompom.-Peta

Many major retailers have banned fur altogether, so it’s easy to find Faux fur pompoms at mainstream shopping outlets, and online retailers such as Etsy also offer many options. Or, if you’re more of a DIY person, here’s your chance to start your business and help stop animal cruelty by making cruelty-free pompom.

Be Fur-Free When You Accessorize

Whether you’re into furry pompoms or the next big trend, be sure to shop cruelty-free. The only one who needs an animal’s skin is the animal.

More and more Animal Cruelty Free Brands are emerging, please help by stepping away from animal-derived materials, cosmetics and products that literally is getting away with murder.

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