Punish Michigan teenager that hung his dog from ceiling and taped his mouth shut for fun!

Warren, Michigan: A series of shocking photos have recently surfaced on social media.

A wicked teenager is behind all of this and it seems like he is not keen on stopping.

I have set up this petition to demand that this monster is brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without further delay.

Social media leads to disturbing photos of tortured dog.

The photos were initially uploaded on Snapchat.

They were later shared on Facebook by animal rights activist Skyler Atwood:

I was just furious. I am tired of going online and witnessing such types of abuse. I wanted to make sure everyone knows about this – Atwood stated.

In one photo, the dog is hung from the ceiling by his harness.

The picture is captioned: This what happens when he be bad. In another photo, the dog has his mouth and legs taped shut.

This is how to make your dog shut up – the caption reads.

The perpetrator of these cruel acts is only known as Cleve.

He lives in Warren, Michigan and goes to Warren Mott high-school.

He is believed to be 15 or 16 years old.

The attacker takes the incidents lightly and thinks abusing animals is fun and entertaining.

Up until this point, local law enforcement have not located neither the dog nor the abuser.

A police spokesperson added that the background illustrated in the SnapChat photos do not match the home of the teen allegedly suspected and urged anyone with information to come forward immediately.

We, the undersigned, demand that this cruel teen is brought to justice as soon as possible.

No one should be able to walk away after abusing a defenseless dog and joking and laughing about it!

Dog hung from the Ceiling.

Dog hung from ceiling by its harness. Abuser laughs about the incident.

Teenager Taped His Dog Mouth Shut

Abuser tapes his dog’s mouth shut and takes photos.

Teenager Laughs and Taunts Critics

The perpetrator taunts his critics.

Attacker Cleve From Michigan

The attacker is only known as Cleve. He lives in Warren, Michigan and goes to Warren Mott high school.

On Wednesday afternoon, an update of the situation was provided. The dog has not been located nor has the background shown in the SnapChat photo corresponded to the home of the teen allegedly involved.

Anyone who recognizes the dog or the home shown in the photos is asked to contact police in order for prosecutors to have enough evidence to bring forth animal cruelty charges.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Just look at the photos, and decide if anyone should be able to walk away laughing and joking from such alleged animal abuse to an innocent dog.

Anyone with information is asked to call (586) 574.4700 or (586) 574.4810.

Photos via Warren police screenshots from Facebook.

Please leave your comments below.

No one should be able to walk away after abusing a defenseless dog and joking and laughing about it!

Warren police are investigating, but have not yet located the dog or the person behind the photos. Police are asking anyone who recognizes the home in the background of the photos to come forward so that animal cruelty charges can be filed. Sign below and demand that the person found guilty of this cruelty face the maximum penalty by law.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Smith,

Shocking photos of a dog hung by its harness and tortured are making their way around social media. The person responsible is still at large. We demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

This helpless animal does not deserve to suffer. We demand that the person deemed responsible for this cruelty receive the maximum penalty by law.


[Your Name Here]

Will you join me in supporting this issue?

Petition Information link: I just signed the petition: “To demand that this teenager is brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without further delay.

Click On Image For Petition: To demand that this teenager is brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without further delay.

A wicked teenager is behind all of this and it seems like he is not keen on stopping. I have set up…

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Ruby Brooks

Ruby Brooks holds the position of Editor-in-Chief of Cutesystuff.com. In addition to editing, Ruby has been actively involved with numerous nonprofits, such as AOOK, The Children at St. Jude's Hospital, and particularly for children and animals in need. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her leadership and charitable efforts.

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259 Responses

  1. Should be able to track him down and hang him…

  2. My vote is with you Jeanie also Mary.

  3. Cindy Denzel Cindy Denzel says:

    Sick SOB. I wonder what his home life is like..

  4. Ceja Gant Ceja Gant says:

    This is the beginnings of a sadistic murderer. He needs to be stopped immediately.

  5. They should do that to him

  6. It would be fun to pull that ugly hair out of the assholes head

  7. He needs the same shit done to him asshole

  8. This is one immature, sick, person.. I bet he bullies younger kids too.. someone needs to turn him in before he does this to a human.

  9. Gale Miller Gale Miller says:

    hang the piece of shit and tape his mouth shut

  10. Do the same to this creep

  11. Hang him see how he live it

  12. I hope someone does the same to him’

  13. Such ass. He should be arrested. Take dog away from him. He should go on a national list whereby his name comes up that he is to never, never be allowed to own a dog.

  14. Judy Sweeney Judy Sweeney says:

    You are SICKl lowlife scumbag I pray you ROT in prison

  15. Where is the poor dog now?

  16. Teresa Mione Teresa Mione says:

    Mother fxxker who does that prosscute him

  17. Let’s hang this POS by his neck from the ceiling!!

  18. This piece of shit needs to be shot

  19. Time to throw this piece of sh*t in jail …..no more….end of discussion!

  20. Where are his parents? Is this monster what you intended on raising? Cruelty to animals is psychotic and evil. Get this boy some psychological and spiritual help!

  21. June Wauters June Wauters says:

    Why wasnt he arrested and put in Jail?

  22. Hope someone gives him the same treatment.

  23. Needs locked up. After he’s done the same way.

  24. Why isn’t he being charged with animal abuse? This is why people continue to abuse animals because they are not held accountable 😡

  25. Someone needs to do it to him so he’ll know what it feels like😈

  26. Beat the crapp out of this piece of SHIT. And hang him from the balls then pull until they rip off his ass STUPID, MORONIC, IDIOT BEACHHHHHH.

  27. He deserves the same thing done to him.

  28. Erin Reed Erin Reed says:

    Destroy this human.

  29. The same needs to be done to him !!!!!!!!

  30. The degenerate that did this deserves to suffer for what he did. If he did this to a defenceless animal he will do it to a child. He is nothing but scum not fit to roam free.

  31. Kayla Lynn Kayla Lynn says:

    Fucking asshole!!!! 😡😡😡😡

  32. Dana Hutch Dana Hutch says:

    Really,ass!!Do the same to him!!!!!

  33. Mary Perez Mary Perez says:

    I’d like to get you and hang you from a tree

  34. Cindy Jones Cindy Jones says:

    Hang him before he does something else stupid

  35. Mary Perez Mary Perez says:

    You’re nothing but vomit

  36. Lou Romell Lou Romell says:

    Someone knows who this is turn him and get the dog recused go to the School and arrest this little !monster

  37. Ibmv Helton Ibmv Helton says:

    Asshole ‼😡😡😡

  38. Mary Perez Mary Perez says:

    You sick son of a bitch, yes bitch, they need to hang your black ass, may you’re soul rot in hell

  39. Pamela Mayer Pamela Mayer says:

    Sick bastard. Future murderer in the making. Karma is a bitch evil, twisted moron.

  40. Someone find this lowlife and do him the same Wayne did the poor dog

  41. lock him up forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICK

  42. Mitzi Mouser Mitzi Mouser says:

    Someone knows who this little jerk is , he needs to be beat

  43. Don Tutor Don Tutor says:

    Name and address,shame

  44. If can get ahold of the little pos do the same to him and then lock his abusive ass up and let the other inmates what he did. They will give him some justice.

  45. He’s a sociopath and may turn out to be a serial killer

  46. How about if we taped this boy mouth see what he feels, stupid,i wish they put him in. Jail ass !

  47. I pray they find this dog before it’s ti late.

  48. I don’t care of the background doesn’t match the home he lives in his picture is there who cares a shit where he has done this. It probably not his dog. His classmates know who he is they need meet him outside school and deliver some street justice. It is only a matter of time before he graduates to humans. This to stopped now before he kills someone

  49. Judi Gladish Judi Gladish says:

    They say abusers and or killers seem to start out by abusing animals. If the young person is not caught and prosecuted soon, he will become a serious problem. Jail time and mental help is what he needs I pray he is caught and this dog is found and put in a loving home.

  50. Tammy Gross Tammy Gross says:


  51. Where are his parents? Next he’ll be a serial killer

  52. Rotten kid needs to pay….Sick little fucker!!

  53. That’s funny to you. Sick bastard

  54. Rory Devine Rory Devine says:

    Noooo!! Prison is to easy!! Do the same to him and laugh and video tape it!! Sick !!

  55. Betty Jaco Betty Jaco says:

    Karma lthe same for you

  56. Sick…next serial killer. Why hasn’t he been caught. They know he goes to Warren Mott. That poor sweet dod….😪

  57. Do the same to him and post it

  58. Mitzi Mouser Mitzi Mouser says:

    He will be wonderful in society

  59. Piece of shit hope you rot in hell!

  60. Ruth Burns Ruth Burns says:

    Children that do these kinds of things do not turn out to be good adults. CORRECT HIM NOW!

  61. His parents and him need to be behind bars for life and do the same thing to them

  62. Sue Johnson Sue Johnson says:

    So sad for the dog – but someone better straighten out that kid before people are his next victims😁

  63. What a bastard. I’d kill that worthless POS, if I was in His area, or on the jury.

  64. Ray Doornbos Ray Doornbos says:

    Hang that bastard and use him for a pinata

  65. Hang Him And Tape His Mouth

  66. Is the dog still alive? I’m so upset! How can anyone do that?????

  67. Same needs be done to him that he did to the dog.


  69. Put him in juvenile detention until he is old enough to go to jail. Jerk!!

  70. Nancy Wright Nancy Wright says:

    He should have the same done to him and cut his nuts off too.

  71. That’s not right that poor dog

  72. Lisa Warner Lisa Warner says:

    We are coming for you evil asshole. Keep looking over your shoulder because someone on the street will recognize you. You think hanging your dog is funny, wait until they get ahold of you and I hope its not your neck they hang you by. Now I would pay to see this action. Say your prayers. People don’t take to kindly to any kind of abusers!!

  73. He is a real piece of shit. Hope they took the dog away and he needs jail time and so do his parents.

  74. Judy Brown Judy Brown says:

    Disgusting piece of human debris should learn what “consistent” means. He said he did this “cuz the dog was bad”. Well…..we all think what he did was bad so….

  75. Janet Truppa Janet Truppa says:

    A eye for A eye. He should get what he gave.

  76. I have to say sometimes I HATE people!!!!!!k

  77. Rick Kimmons Rick Kimmons says:

    They need to do to his stupid ass what he did to the dog, and I will pull the rope.

  78. Sick little asshole
    Why did he walk?

  79. Serial killer in the making. At the very least, he is a sociopath, at worst,a psychopath. Neither can be cured.

  80. Stupid mother fucker needs to be taught a lesson in what he deserves the same thing he has done to that poor dog

  81. Joseph Russo Joseph Russo says:

    send that boy this way i know just what to do with him…

  82. I hope in life you feel more pain and hurt then what you caused that poor animal. And when you die guess who is waiting for you 😈😈😈

  83. I would have rescued the dog and then smashed that fucker’s face in with a sledgehammer. Wishful thinking. You get my point.

  84. Dianna Clise Dianna Clise says:

    You are one sick bastered

  85. Mike Harrell Mike Harrell says:

    Totally a sick psycho. PETA should deliver a bullet to his worthless skull. Why does Facebook even allow such stuff as this to be able to be posted.

  86. I hope they do the same thing to you.

  87. This is a future serial killer.

  88. If he can do that to an innocent animal for fun then what would stop him from doing that to a person. He is heartless and needs to be in jail

  89. His parents and him needs to be behind bars

  90. Hear that anyone that hurt a defenseless animal becomes a serial killer

  91. Why is he able to just walk away?!! Hope you rot in hell!!

  92. Rita Carroll Rita Carroll says:

    Sick s.o.b. may GOD punish him

  93. You little punk, you should be ashamed

  94. Outrageous and criminal….he will become a human killer…pure evil.

  95. I would take that no good….. hang him from his fake jewels and poor hot grits on him so I could watch him SUFFER.

  96. Billie Moore Billie Moore says:

    Nothing funny about that hang him from the ceiling with his mouth taped shut hang him upside down for several days, see how he likes that.

  97. hang him like he did the dog see if he likes it

  98. Stupid. Hang him up like that.

  99. Mary Berard Mary Berard says:

    Find this looser. Sub human filth. Re open alcatraz for all the abusers. They can’t escape they’ll drown trying and/or become shark bate. Buh bye

  100. Karen Brita Karen Brita says:

    You are a BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! Should hang you up by your neck

  101. Lindy Hart Lindy Hart says:

    does anybody out there no this no good f***ing moron plz turn him in if you do !!

  102. He needs to be done like he done that dog.

  103. Carol Blythe Carol Blythe says:

    Let’s try doing the same thing to him since he thinks it’s so funny

  104. The cocksucker needs severe punishment

  105. John Wesley John Wesley says:

    Find a tree, hang that useless POC from it until his bones fall in a pile on the ground

  106. You are a sick coward. You need to be treated just like you treated that sweet innocent dog.I hope you are punished and what goes around comes around.

  107. Put this creep in jail for animal abuse.

  108. Sue Haken Sue Haken says:

    do the same tohim lets see how funny I thinks it is. Just think what he might do next to his or any animal

  109. Donna Walsh Donna Walsh says:

    Next it will be a human being too bad we can’t hang him from the ceiling

  110. Did the same frigging thing to this ass hole

  111. Despicable I hope karma gets him and bites him in the ass

  112. Linda Wain Linda Wain says:

    Let’s hang him from the ceiling and tape his mouth shut , for fun, then shoot him!!!!!!

  113. Ruth Cochran Ruth Cochran says:

    He will not stop at this because he thinks its funny.

  114. Little s o b punishment for a very slow

  115. Erma Stross Erma Stross says:

    He is on his way to a life of crime and abusing others!

  116. Kay Marvin Kay Marvin says:

    Why was he able to get away with this? Someone is not doing their job!! Absolutely disgusting.

  117. Doris Long Doris Long says:

    This is just horrible!

  118. I would do the same to him what he did to that poor dog but hang him till he can’t move ever

  119. Rotten bastard I hope you rot in hell you ugly motherfucker

  120. Repulsive hope it happens to him. He should never be near another animal.
    Psychological profile is human abuse is next

  121. Jean Wylie Jean Wylie says:

    Kind that is horrible .Hang him by his toes .Tape his stinking mouth shut .

  122. Linda Dixon Linda Dixon says:

    Sob I’m just getting sick an tired of seeing this crap. When is lawma k ers gonna pass a bill on prison for these sick physco people. Mabe when done to their beloved animal. An fb must like showing this stuff!

  123. Flora Ochoa Flora Ochoa says:

    Put him in jail is he crazy I wish somebody can do that to him

  124. Find him and put him in jail.

  125. Cathy Reyes Cathy Reyes says:

    Such a sick kid. Will go on to worse behavior

  126. I agree hang the bastard this is just a punk

  127. Cindi Young Cindi Young says:

    this horrible stuff should not be shown.

  128. Jo Hale Jo Hale says:

    Find him, prosecute to the fullest..not funny…cruel

  129. Hang this mf by his heels and let him twist in the wind for a while. No excuse for abusers

  130. Kathy Hodges Kathy Hodges says:

    You stupid bastard somebody needs to hang your sorry ass. And cut your balls off.

  131. They should hang him from his ____s

  132. I’d like to invite him over to my home. We can “discuss” his treatment of dogs.

  133. Gail Bilyou Gail Bilyou says:

    Shoot the ugly bastard between the eyes.

  134. If he did this, he will do anything.

  135. Disgusting they need to arrest him make him pay a fine just really sick

  136. Do unto others as he has done….

  137. Betty Primer Betty Primer says:

    may God condem him to his punishment for life and not man’s weak punishment

  138. Vic Simon Vic Simon says:

    I agree with all of you. He is going to do some to a human if parents do not take charge

  139. Hang the black sob asap!!!!!!

  140. Rae Meyer Rae Meyer says:

    shows you what our justice system thinks bout animals they don’t care any more that the abusers just like all the other abuse in the world turn a blind eye its not hurting them so they don’t care

  141. Just shot this sorry ass bastard

  142. Solve it all kill his ass! Problem solved

  143. Sick…his parents better be careful. ..their next!

  144. This behavior is disgusting and pisses me off. Castrate him, tape his mouth shut and hang his sorry ass from the ceiling. This POS shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  145. Hang you see how you like it jerk

  146. What a fricken, mean, asshole!! What goes around comes around you slug. !!!!!

  147. Tanya Moore Tanya Moore says:


  148. This underwear stain has to pay and have the same thing done to him.

  149. Mary Sather Mary Sather says:

    Please tape his mouth shut, tape his hands and hang him from the rafters.

  150. Do him the same way he did his dog and also put him in jail

  151. Steve Fought Steve Fought says:

    Piece of shit, throw the idiot in jail

  152. is he being arrested that little snot …he needs to be arrested they have his picture

  153. Dave Wolfe Dave Wolfe says:

    Let me hang that fucking pos

  154. Wanda Lingo Wanda Lingo says:

    Sorry piece of shit, would love to do the same to you, wonder where the sorry ass, parents were, o. Yeah probley off making crack

  155. Neil White Neil White says:

    String him up instead!

  156. Sandy Conn Sandy Conn says:

    Punish this kid by hanging him

  157. I hope the bastard reads this and knows how much he is hated

  158. Do the same thing to that SOB, only leave him hanging there…

  159. Cindy Frew Cindy Frew says:

    Beat the kid with a bat. I would

  160. just do him the same way

  161. Pat Ombres Pat Ombres says:

    Kid should have his mouth taped and hang him from the ceiling, he might like it! I’m sure the dog did not!

  162. What the hell is wrong with this kid and he’s laughing what a sicko throw him in jail hopr rots in hell

  163. Hanging is too good for that basted cit his stuff off one at a time make it last for days

  164. Let the Klan take care of this pussy

  165. hang the little bastard so he can see how it feel, sick bastard


  167. Betty Martin Betty Martin says:

    I would like to find him and give him something he wouldn’t be smiling about.. Stupid idiot. Somebody needs to hang him upside down at Town Square

  168. Sandy Clark Sandy Clark says:

    Need to do the same to this bastard

  169. Give me 15 minutes with this pond scum!!! Tape hiss damn mouth and hang him!!!!! Waste of human

  170. Richard Kent Richard Kent says:

    Please tell me he is caught.

  171. Pos deserves to be in prison

  172. Do onto others as done onto u! Hang him

  173. Jim Metzger Jim Metzger says:

    Hang him by the neck!

  174. Jolynn Luthi Jolynn Luthi says:

    Same should happen to him

  175. Frankie Wand Frankie Wand says:

    Your kidding me!!What’s up with the judge?

  176. Why don’t people who do this get away with it cuz they don’t face any punishment. Make them pay for it


  178. Cruel, hateful so sad.

  179. Pat Fragola Pat Fragola says:

    You SICK stupid asshole. He should never own any animals ever. Ladies don’t ever date him watch your kids yourself and your pets

  180. Betty Miller Betty Miller says:

    Need to do the same to him

  181. Judith Ortiz Judith Ortiz says:

    Needs to be locked up. 😠😡

  182. Judy Schorer Judy Schorer says:

    I’d like to do the same thing to that little bastard

  183. Ken Short Ken Short says:

    Have him stop by for a few hours and I promise he’ll never hurt anyone or animal again.

  184. Kay Edwards Kay Edwards says:

    SICK! Do the same to him!

  185. Emmy Kangas Emmy Kangas says:

    Hang the little bastard

  186. He needs to go to jail

  187. Let me do to him what he did to the dog.

  188. Stupid beach you are, and I hope so someone will do for you the same thing 👿

  189. Joan Harvey Joan Harvey says:

    You should be strung up ,heartless scum ,

  190. Lena Russell Lena Russell says:

    He needs at least jail time. You know, sometimes we all need to disconnect from FB for our own mental health

  191. Future series killer.Lick him up.

  192. Lee Mayberry Lee Mayberry says:

    This piece of shit needs hung just like he done his dog. These assholes think it’s ok because Michael Vick done this and he got rewarded big time. Just hope he runs into a guy that can do the same to him and then some. Hang him up and beat him like a pinat’a

  193. Make sure when he gets caught. He learns how to speak English as his punishment.

  194. Jack Parker Jack Parker says:

    Give him to me he needs to learn about consequences I promise ill be very slow he will beg for for death believe me

  195. Asshole gawd I would of took the dog and take care of it and help it heal I swear. Hate it

  196. Stupid kid needs to be locked up and never allowed a pet again.

  197. This kid needs to be sent to Anger Management and then the Authorities have his butt to take care of for what he did to the dog.

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