Dogs in need

Now that animal abuse is being taken far more seriously than ever before, more and more jurisdictions are altering their laws to reflect this new reality.

Chained up dog
Chained up dog laying in wooden kennel with head out waiting to be released.

A number of United States jurisdictions have now made laws that require the names of animal abusers to be displayed in a registry that is similar to the ones that are used for sex offenders.

These registries are designed with the objective of keeping people who have harmed animals in the past from ever having the chance to do so again and they are a welcome addition to the lawmaking policies of places as disparate as New York City and Tampa.
Retail outlets and shelters no longer have an excuse when it comes to providing animals to those who have a history of abuse, as they are required to have a prospective adopter read and sign an affidavit that provides assurance that they are not on the registry.
Dogs in need
Sweetest Dog Was Dropped Off At Shelter In A Plastic Garbage Bag Dog in need of rescue.

If you are a regular person who is in search of a pet sitter while you are away on vacation, these registries also take on added value, allowing you to vet candidates more readily and do the proper research before potentially leaving your animals in harm’s way.

The registries are not yet a requirement in all states, but they are slowly popping up throughout the country, in places like New York City (although theirs is not able to be viewed by the general public), Tennessee (whose is statewide) and Cook County, Illinois.

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For those who consider pets to be family members, this is welcome news. Perhaps individuals who consider hurting animals in the future will reconsider their actions if they are aware of the fact that their name will end up on a list that is easily searchable. Having actual documentation to use makes life simpler for animal lovers, as well as law enforcement.

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296 thoughts on “Thanks To New Law, Animal Abusers Will Now Be Registered Like Sex Offenders

  1. You need a stronger law.
    Jailed and treated like prisoners in the guloug.
    Put in solitary for their sentence.
    In fact all maximum security prisioners should be treated the same as russian guloug prisioners.
    No bitching because they don’t see them.

  2. Definitely, should be effective in each and every state. This horrible abuse of animals has gone on long enough, it has to stop. 💜💚🐱🐴🐕🐎🐇🐥🐈

  3. I had never made the connection that animal abuse a sexual abuse had anything in common. But this has helped me to see that insincitvity is reflected in all that a person does. So those who abuse animals probably abuse people too.

  4. I think such a law that would prevent anybody that abuses animals like a sex offender is a good one and it should be implemented throughout the whole U.S.

  5. This is not cutesy stuff, this is nothing but sad. Do you think if a person does this to a animal they care if their name is on a list??? All the law will do is smack them on the hand and say no no.

  6. Great idea! On their personal record, even when you apply for a job! You will see how many will be hired when a company does a personal backround check!!!

  7. About time,also need to add the people who give up their pets!!!And I do not care if anyone thinks that the reason they had to give them up is legit because it’s not,FOR NO REASON SHOULD ANYONE GIVE UP THEIR PET OR PETS AS LONG AS YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM

  8. Not good enough. It needs to be in all states and in all countries and it needs to be enforced. Jail time doesn’t work for peeps like that because when they get out, they will do it again.

  9. Too bad it has taken so much brutality two animals for this to finally happen. I hope they do not go lightly on people who treat animals like that. That’s just my opinion

  10. It’s about time! I hope this becomes a federal law if not universal! Poor defenseless animals can’t speak for themselves..and abusers will just find more victims!

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