Tired Puppy

Sometimes the short and sweet videos are exactly what you need to turn your day around.

Whether it’s an puppy trying to snuggle or adorable little girl and her hysterical laugh, or a cute dad with some babies enjoying the twin life, these moments may be simple, but they’re so enjoyable too.

Today, this video below is the exact dose of adorable that I needed.

An officer rescued this pup after finding her abandoned and tied up to a fence.

Once this little dog is in their home, they recorded her near their sleeping baby. But, the sleeping puppy is what got me.

She keeps dozing while sitting up, and trying to figure out how to get comfortable.

It’s an assumption that maybe she doesn’t know how to get comfortable and lay down, and so she tries to fight the feeling of sleep.

But, when she does finally give in and let her legs spread out, it’s the most picture perfect moment I’ve ever seen.

Babies and puppies always win, don’t you agree?

This pup has found a home full of the love, and comfort, that she deserves. I think they might end up being nap and cuddle buddies for life.

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